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Wedding Priorities

At one of my recent weddings, guests were actually gasping as they entered the room. "Oh! It's a fairytale!!", said one lively woman. Her friend had her hand over her mouth and didn't utter a word. Whisper after whisper, eyes wide, sheer delight. Every guest (even the men!) - everyone was visibly thrilled to be included in something so beautiful! And before any guest was seated, the bride was escorted in to view her long-awaited vision for the first time - can we say happy tears!?

Yes, friends, if Beauty is the story you want to tell on your wedding day, that's how you do it. From centerpieces to flower walls, from linens to tableware to menus... every choice will tell a piece of the story. It will tell your story! Pay careful attention to details, trust your designer and don't be afraid to expand your budget (just a little bit) if it makes the difference between good and Gorgeous!!

On the other hand, what if you're serious foodies, and your dream wedding presents your guests with a classy, elevated dining experience. I love it during the reception when a guest, or even better, a family member - stops me to say how amazing the dinner was. Often it goes on for several minutes, and usually includes a variation on how they've never had such excellent food at a wedding before. I just smile - inside and out! And silently thank the rock star Chefs who make my couples so happy! To name a few, Bold, Proof, Affairs. All top notch, all lovely to work with, and all happy to prepare a custom wedding menu - even if it means recreating your great nana's family recipe. If Food is your thing, that's how you do it!

And how about Music? Sometimes I'll hear, "Yeah, flowers are nice but we're really more about our guests having a fantastic time!" Live band, stage concert, all night long... Yep, I'm feelin' you! There's a serious vibe with a live band that just drives the night. True, a band is more expensive than a DJ, and the best bands are even more. But if a live music experience is what will make your wedding over-the-top, it's SO worth it! Be smart in your planning from the get-go and put aside the budget necessary to book the band you really want. Work with them to create a line-up that will rock your guests into the night and beyond!

Whether decor, food, music, photography, stationery, attire, or anything else, each couple has different priorities. And in fact each bride and each groom has something different that speaks to their heart. It's important to talk about this right from the start - for budget purposes, and so that the pieces of the wedding especially meaningful to each person can be honored throughout planning, and on the wedding day itself!

Photo credits: Vue Photography, Robin Gerrard, Dash Photography, Denis Reggie


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