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Just Do You!

Weddings today - especially today! - come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. This is what makes wedding planning so intoxicating, especially in Atlanta! With compelling venue options, epicurean catering sources, gifted event designers, and forward-thinking couples, our fair city has more than its share of wedding inspiration!

Take Amanda + Bill's wedding, for example. It was an inspired collaboration between mother, daughter, planner, florist, photographer - even the wedding party contributed to the utter coolness of this event. The colors were black and gold, the reference was 20's modern, individuality ruled the day and the results were outstanding!

With the non-traditional placement of the ceremony at the back wall, the stylized aisle vases handmade by the bride's mother, the altar flanked with iron colonnades and bedecked with antique vessels, floating candles and flora a la Al Dellinger.... everything about this backdrop set an ambiance of mood and beauty.

But the edgy vibe didn't stop there. The ceremony commenced with guests being treated to an exquisite live vocal as the wedding party processed, timed for the bride to approach her groom at the lyric, "I love lying next to you, I could do this for eternity..." Hauntingly gorgeous is the only way to describe the gift of this performance, and the fullness of the love behind it.

As guests dined on perfection prepared by Chef Tyrone Davis, the dance floor rocked and swayed to the ultra-personalized playlist hand-selected by the groom. And yet, one of the most rewarding parts of this wedding is still in the making. Yes, I'm talking photography!

Even with the most elaborate or chic or elite styling, it takes an exceptional photography team to capture, render and deliver the feeling of the night. The album from this rock star wedding show that the seriously talented Lily McGregor has done just that.

From its conception, this wedding became everything the bride, and the groom, their lifelong closest friends, and their families had hoped and planned for, and then some. It was classy and cool, easy and fun, and ultimately a delicious celebration of two unique souls uniting in life and in love..."for eternity."

All images by Lily McGregor


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