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Favors, favors, favors!

Ok, y'all, let's talk Favors! Is it just me, or is there an unending debate over wedding favors? If you've been on this particular debate stage yourself, or if you just want to observe the fun, read on!

My first thought when it comes to wedding favors is... how many I've seen left behind, discarded or otherwise not actually enjoyed by guests. Which is the last thing you want to see at the end of a beautiful and super fun wedding! So my first piece of advice on favors is this. If you do decide to put the time, energy and money into favors for your guests, make it meaningful - for yourselves and also for your guests.


Sometimes there is a piece of family culture or local fun or the couple's history that they would like to share with guests as a memento of the wedding. This is a beautiful and significant gesture which should be given the love and thoughtfulness from which the idea came. When deciding how to execute your idea, think of your guests and how they'll use or enjoy the gift. Local jam from the bride's hometown is a great example - delicious, pretty, and meaningful. Perfection!

One of my other favorite parting gifts was a choice of the beloved YAY! magnets. Topped by a YAY! JUST MARRIED!, the display was adorable, and all the guests had fun picking out which one most aptly fit their personality, especially after a night of celebration. YAY! COCKTAILS! was pretty popular...

Another nice example of this was a hand-crafted candle in a simple jar. Mind you, the scent was quite mild and lovely so I can imagine that any guest would have enjoyed it. If you do decide to give candles, make sure they're not strongly scented.

In keeping with today's health climate, mini hand sans are ALL the rage! Get them personalized to make it fun, or order a scent that's meaningful to you. If you had planned a tropical honeymoon but need to wait a while to go, why not give a breezy scent with Coastal Sur by the Honest Company.

One way to take the pulse on a favor idea is to conduct a true-friend poll. Ask your nearest and dearest, if they were at someone else's wedding and this was the favor, would you be excited and try to grab a few, or would you leave it on the table? If necessary, a true friend will tell you the truth and help you come up with an even better idea!


When in doubt, pour some sugar on it! Or spice, or anything nice! A special edible for the ones you love can be something to munch on on the way home, or on the airplane the next day, or to save as treat with coffee on Monday morning. Either way, you can be sure that guests will not be leaving something delicious behind on any table!

My mantra is (worth repeating, as all good mantras are) if you're going to do wedding favors, do them right. One idea close to my heart combines something super scrumptious with a worthy cause. Changemaker Chocolates embraces a mission to help end homelessness with... well, chocolate. Cookies, pretzels, marshmallows, animal crackers, all dipped in handmade chocolate. And boy are they good!! I can definitely say that guests will be craving these little goodies long after they're gone. And you will have helped change a person's life for the better. I'd call that a wedding win!

And who doesn't love a little donut action? Opening a donut presentation with to-go bags shortly before the send-off is a fun way to send your guests home with a piece of the party. Sublime is my personal fav, though needless to say in Atlanta, there are no lack of delicious donut choices, and guests love them! And speaking of Atlanta, there's always Coke! Super local, super cute, and customizable!

Twice as Nice

If you just can't decide, or you're bubbling over with ideas, why not do both? A take-home with a treat! The most successful execution I've seen of this was a December wedding where the couple gave ornaments in keeping with their wedding decor, yet neutral enough to be suitable on any tree. Alongside were beautiful boxes of peppermint bark and peanut brittle made by each of the moms from traditional family recipes. When opting for something like this, setting it up on a table allows guests to choose what they'd like, and an easy way to take home any leftovers.

Another paired gift that was specially crafted by the bride's mother was a beautiful little keepsake box with Persian delicacies inside. These were incorporated into each place setting to add prettiness to the table!

At the end of the day, wedding favors are a personal decision, and many couples end up not doing favors at all. That is 100% A-okay! The love of the day and the time spent celebrating you is always enough for any guest. So please don't feel that it's necessary to do favors. However... if you do.... (do it right.)

Photo credits:

OneNine Images, Matt Altmix, Sowing Clover,

Jaimie Dee McGowan, Vue Photography, Ben + Colleen, Dash Photography


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