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Every Little Thing

Three Little Birds, or 3LB as we like to say, was inspired by a very special time in my life. It was when my husband, Gray, and I were courting. Long distance. For a year. We were both going through some personal challenges, as well as some amazing growth in our lives, and we talked together all the time. First as friends. Then as more. Every night on the phone for hours. It was the old fashioned way of courting. We just communicated. And grew to know each other deeply and richly.

It was during this time that we discovered so many similarities between us that it became somewhat of a joke. Each time another "Omg, me TOO!" came up we just laughed. 3LB was one of those things. One night he knew I'd had a hard day and after we hung up he texted me, 3LB. I called him right back and said, "Three Little Birds?! How do YOU know about that?" We'd never talked about it before, but we realized that night that Bob Marley's classic was a life anthem for both of us. Three Little Birds. Everything comforting and supportive and uplifting wrapped up in one simple phrase. 3LB.

Rise up this morning'

Smiled with the rising sun

Three little birds

pitch by my doorstep

Singin' sweet songs

of melodies pure and true

Sayin', "This is my message to you"

Don't worry about a thing

'Cause every little thing

is gonna be alright

So now we're married and Three Little Birds has become our family anthem. Just a simple "3LB, baby!" is enough to turn a day around. With Gray being in the industry also, wedding planning in Atlanta runs in the family and he is just as invested in my business as I am. So we felt it only fitting to share what we know with all the couples out there under the pressure of planning their wedding. Every little thing is gonna be alright!

So let's get a nice reggae beat going in your heart, feel the island breeze, put your face in the sun and sing along! Because your wedding day, and the weeks and months leading up to it, are about to be happy and relaxed and island easy!

All images by Jack Parada


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