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Best of the Best

Wow, 2021 was quite a year! And if there's one thing we know for sure, when everything else was on shaky ground, love and marriage did not waiver. Read on for some super special 2021 highlights from the pages of Three Little Birds!


The Atlanta Botanical Garden is one of our favorite venues, and we can assure any couple that a Garden wedding is equally beautiful come rain or shine!

Florals by Jim White Designs, HMU by Formal Faces, Photo credit: Laura Stone

Florals by Adaptation Floral Design, HMU by Brushworx, Photo credit: OneNine Images


Man, there are some crazy talented people out there that we feel so honored to work with. Check out the beauty created by Atlanta's best!

Florals by Rhapsody in Blooms, Photo credit: Robin Gerrard

Live Event Painter Maggie Smith Kuhn, Photo credit: Lisa Larson

Florals by French Market Flowers, Cake by Ginger Spice Bakery, HMU by Brushworx

Photo credit: Grapefruit Photo

Bridal Bouquet by Jim White Designs, Photo credit: Laura Stone

Florals by Amanda Jewel Floral + Design, Floral Cape by the Bride's Mother Helen Palacio, Make-up by Ellis Sutter, Hair by Brushworx, Photo credit: Jaime Pryor


One of the highlights of a wedding is... afterwards! When the pictures come back and we get to see fun wedding moments and formal ones through the eyes of our brilliant photography talent. Here are a few of our favs!

MUA Ellis Sutter, Photo credit: Lisa Larson

Photo credit: Robin Gerrard

Rooftop at Clermont Hotel, Beauty by Brushworx, Photo Credit: Grapefruit Photo

Photo & Shenanigans by Sowing Clover Photography


One trend we LOVED this year was all the amazing pups that came out to help their pawrents down the aisle! Can we please continue this forever?!

Pup handling by W & B Weddings, Florals by Bold Design, Photo credit: Lisa Larson

Photo credit: Vue Photo

Behind the Scenes with Three Little Birds

There's definitely a lot of truth in the old adage Work Hard, Play Hard because we SURE have a lot of fun at our weddings! Here are a couple sneak peeks of the 3LB crew in action!

So cheers to a great year behind, and an even more luscious year ahead! Special thanks to Susie Tulloch, Rick Moll and Gray Wilson for being the very Best of the Best!! 2022, let's gooooo!!!!!


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