Wedding Dress Shopping

The Sentimentalist, Anna Shackleford Photography

One of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process for a bride is, of course, gown shopping!  It’s that beautiful piece of the wedding dream that many brides have held on to for so long, and is often the first thing she embarks upon.  With so many lovely options out there – especially in Atlanta! – one would think it’s a simple matter of picking the prettiest one.  Right?  Right… says no bride ever!

Gown shopping can absolutely be a fun and wonderful experience.  But it can also turn in the other direction without the proper preparation.  “Preparation,” you say? “I’ve been prepared for this dress for years!  I know my body type, my favorite silhouette, the shade of blush I’m in love with.  I’m prepared, baby!”  All true, and your gown is out there, and it’s calling your name.  But to find it you need to know where to look!

The preparation I’m talking about is knowing which boutiques are right for your shopping style.  And it may not even be a boutique at all!  One of my brides recently had a wonderful experience at Anya Bridal, which presents over 1500 gowns in diverse styles and sizes, all available to try on and take home.  The bride who loves to shop independently and needs only the help of her girlfriends, will enjoy a hands-off approach.  But that isn’t to say the staff isn’t wonderful and right there for the girls that would like more guidance.  At Anya, you create your own shopping experience!

The Sentimentalist

The Sentimentalist, Anna Shackleford Photography

If however, you’re a bride luxuriating in your engagement, including the pampering that comes along with it, you will enjoy a more intimate boutique experience.  Winnie Couture is one of my favorites for feeling like the most special bride in the world!  From your first step into this beautiful shop, you’ll be surrounded by luxury of goods, and services.  Because the specialists within are as lovely as the gowns they sell.  Sincere, warm, and ever professional, these ladies know what they’re doing.  With a mere description of your ideal gown and budget, your stylist will pull a handful of dresses for you, all just right. And don’t be surprised if you walk out with the first one you try on!

Another Atlanta darling is The Sentimentalist!  This enchanting boutique offers designers from Carol Hannah to Twigs & Honey, side-by-side with vintage and custom options.  The women at this gem are also skilled stylists, offering advice on hair and makeup, accessories and bridal attendant looks. With personal touches around every corner, daily tea service and homemade goodies all within a serene setting, Sentimental brides will feel right at home.

So many brides, so many gowns, so many shops.  Find the one that’s right for you and enjoy the ride, beautiful you!