Marriage Equality In Atlanta

Al & Tim, May 2016

Well, it’s been almost a year since the earth shifted and couples across the country who had been in loving, committed relationships for years – sometimes decades – were granted the right to marry.   While many couples over the years held wedding celebrations in the belief that their right to make a lifelong, loving commitment to another person was inherent  – despite the laws – the June 26, 2015 Supreme Court ruling opened the doors nationwide for same-sex couples to legally step up to the altar and say I Do!

And what a joyful year it’s been!   So many of my wonderful friends have tied the knot, one after the next, after the next.  One of my very best friends was able to marry his soulmate after their seven-year intercontinental relationship was finally granted a fiance visa.  Talk about tears of joy!  Another of my couple-friends finally married after a two-year engagement because they waited to legally marry in the state where they make their home.  It was a room bursting with love, and the party of the year!

Kristin & Ashley, March 2015, Same-sex Weddings, Marriage Equality

Kristin & Ashley, March 2015 ~ Virginia Reese Photography

But my favorite thing about all this Marriage Equality business is, of course, planning the weddings!  What I’ve observed is that there is an ease and a levity in the planning of same-sex weddings because many traditions, many assumptions aren’t necessarily applicable.  It’s a whole different ballgame, and the rules are being written as we go.  Expectations for the ceremony, the reception, the guest list – these are all being set by the couple, based solely on how they want to celebrate their love for one another.  As a planner, I can tell you this is a luxurious platform from which to create a wedding event!

If you are in a same-sex relationship and are considering getting married, please know that there are wedding professionals throughout Atlanta who would welcome the chance to work with you, to help make your long-held hopes become a reality.  With your dreams, and our expertise, there is no limit to the beautiful event we can create together to celebrate your marriage!

“Kecia is a lifelong friend and has been wonderfully supportive from the moment I first came out to her 22 years ago, til that magical moment when I was able to legally marry my husband, Adrian. In addition to being a consummate professional in the wedding industry, she has a compassion and joy flowing through her that cannot be taught. Kecia is that secret ingredient that can ensure your wedding is as special and unique as you are!”  ~  Rob Means, Marietta, GA