Atlanta Rehearsal Dinners

Wahoo Grill Weddings

One of the best things about planning a wedding in Atlanta is the abundance of options!  It’s also the primary reason couples engage me; to use my expertise in pulling pearls from the great ocean to place one-by-one on the perfect string.  Some of those pearls can be elusive, and may take a bit more work.  We’re talking Rehearsal Dinner!  An important piece of the wedding weekend, this event is a completely different situation than the wedding itself, and finding exactly the right way to host it can be tricky.

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Choosing an Officiant

Jade + Matthew Take Pictures, Fernbank, Bold American Events, Choosing an Officiant

In this busy and spirited season of merriment and festivity, I find myself reflecting on the year gone by with such gratitude and fulfillment.   The weddings I’ve had the privilege to partake in have been magnificent, with countless touching moments and people of inspiration.   The one I honor today is the person who stands with the marrying couple at that place between before and after ~ the ceremony ~ and sees them safely over.   Continue Reading…

433 Bishop

Three Sisters Catering at 433 Bishop, Cindy M. Brown Photography, Bold American Events

The buzz and excitement surrounding a new event space can be matched only by the celebratory spirit of it’s opening events! And so it was when Atlanta’s wedding and event planners gathered at 433 Bishop to welcome this chic, industrial venue as the latest addition to the Novare family of properties. With a five-course gourmet luncheon by Three Sisters Catering, and luxurious décor by Bold American Events, the room and the afternoon were alight with festivity!
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Wedding Inspiration

Lily McGregor Photography, 2000AD Concepts in Floral Art, Bold American Events, Needle & Thread, Pastry Shells

Weddings today come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles.  This is what makes wedding planning so intoxicating, especially in Atlanta!  With compelling venue options, epicurean catering sources, gifted event designers, and forward-thinking couples, our fair city has more than its share of wedding inspiration!

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