Friday Wedding

Jack Parada Photography ~ St. Augustine, FL


Sunday Champagne Brunch.  Friday night black tie.  Wednesday afternoon at the beach.  What do all these things have in common?  Yep, you got it!  They are all weddings that didn’t take place on Saturday!   (For those of you who know me, you KNOW I’m down with a Champagne Brunch reception any day of the week!)

With planning season almost here, couples should know that choosing a wedding date on a day other than Saturday has many advantages, and can be quite fun!  Venues usually have lower pricing and more open availability, for one.  If there is a venue you have your heart set on – let’s just say The Foundry – and they are booked every Saturday through 2018 already (which is not unlikely, by the way)… a Friday evening is a great alternative.   Just as festive as Saturday, your guests will look forward to leaving work early on Friday to attend your wedding! and there is a very nice difference in cost.  Sunday afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Garden?  Bring it ON!!

Friday Wedding

Jack Parada Photography

Another benefit is vendor availability.  Some vendors, like cake artists or florists, can work several weddings on the same day.  However, the photographer whose work you’re in LOVE with can only book one wedding at a time.  If they’re already booked on your wedding date, you’ll miss the one chance to have the pictures you truly want of the most important day of your life.   A Thursday evening might be an option, though, and it might be worth the alternative day choice to have amazing memories of your wedding.

As for me, I got married on a Wednesday.  Last year, on this day.  Today is our wedding anniversary and we feel more blessed than you can imagine to be celebrating our marriage on Thanksgiving Day this year!  It’s one of the reasons we chose the day we did, because we wanted the joy and significance of Thanksgiving to intertwine with the day we married in the years to come.  Like us, you may have special reasons of your own for choosing the day you do.

Saturday?  Yeah, it’s a great day to get married.  But give me a Friday wedding and let’s see how fabulous we can make it!