Affairs at the Fox

Fox Theater Weddings ~ Anna and Spencer Photography

If you’re an Atlanta resident, you’ve been to the Fox Theater.  Fundraising galas, the Atlanta Ballet, Broadway shows, holiday spectaculars – these special evenings at the Fox give us the opportunity to put on the ritz and exude our most glamorous selves!   One can’t help but absorb the opulence when surrounded by the architecture in Moorish influence, or when standing beneath the magnificent stained glass ceiling in the Grand Salon.  My favorite detail is the exquisite trompe l’oeil décor throughout.  And when my thoughts turn to a wedding in this unique and beautiful setting, my heart beats fast!

Recently one of Atlanta’s most distinguished caterers, Affairs to Remember, entered into partnership with the Fox.  With a stellar culinary reputation and an unyielding pursuit of excellence, Affairs is the perfect pairing for the Fabulous Fox!  In celebration of this new and dynamic alliance, Affairs created a series of menus inspired by, and exclusive to, the Fox Theater.  Conceptualized Broadway fare, exotic dishes marked by Egyptian influence, and au courant adaptations of Southern classics grace the tables at Fox events, and present exciting options to brides for an unparalleled wedding banquet!

Fox Theater Weddings ~ Anna and Spencer Photography

When I went to visit the Fox the other day, I hadn’t been there in a while.  And I’d forgotten.  I had forgotten the rare beauty, I’d forgotten the details.  But it instantly swept me away again as I walked and talked with Chef William Neal, Architect of Events at Affairs to Remember.  It’s funny how life comes around.  I knew William Neal from years ago in a completely different professional capacity than wedding planning.  We’d lost touch, but being that he’s a superior chef and an all-around nice guy, I followed his career and was always pleased to see his continued success in the Atlanta event industry.   I now find myself privileged to be working with him again, collaborating on exceptional weddings for exceptional couples.   And the Fox is the perfect backdrop for exceptional!

If you’re not a farmhouse girl, and you’re not a country club girl… if you have a bit of flair and a big love of gorgeous… if you’re ready for something quite special, enter the magical realm of the truly Fabulous Fox Theater.  You will be swept away, too!

All images courtesy of the equally fabulous Anna and Spencer Photography.