Christ the King Wedding

Christ the King Wedding, Jaimie Dee Photography


When planning a wedding there are so very many things to consider.  Big things, like when and where your wedding will take place, who your attendants of honor will be, the vows you will speak to each other.   The less monumental things may feel almost as meaningful – your menu, the colors you choose, the songs you will dance to in each other’s arms.  The flowers are decided upon, the cake is tasted, the dress is fallen in love with.  Like a beautiful song, it all weaves together into a perfect harmony. But what I find to be the most beautiful thing of all is the ebb and flow of the day itself.

Jaimie Dee Photography, Hair & Make-up by Destiny Kyser and Felicia Black

Jaimie Dee Photography

With such anticipation, you wake up to your wedding day full of emotion – excitement, love, joy, nervousness.   The day is laid out before you as an unpainted canvas, and in that first moment upon opening your eyes in the morning, you really don’t know what the day will bring.  The plans are in place, but the day will have it’s way and the unexpected will happen.

As a true optimist, I believe that there is goodness to be found in everything.  So as a planner, my approach to a wedding day is to meet every moment with grace, and to embrace the unplanned occurrences.  And sometimes when this happens, the rewards are significant, and…. unexpected.  Sometimes little things happen that make me say, Ok, we are being well taken care of here.   Like last night, for example.

Bold Catering + Design, King Plow Arts Center

Jaimie Dee Photography

My beautiful couple were married during a lovely ceremony at the Cathedral of Christ the King, and had the most wonderful reception full of love and joy and happiness!  It was time for the grand exit, and someone told me it was raining…!   We went outside and decided it was light enough we could go ahead with it.  But in the few minutes it took for all the guests to arrive with their sparklers, it had started pouring!

We decided to do the best we could under the tiny awning, and our wonderful photographers would brave the downpour under an umbrella.  (Jaimie & Calvin, big shout out!)  Everyone was on board, and yet when we started out the door, the rain had completely vanished!  It had stopped raining entirely in the course of one moment to the next.  So everyone assembled, our couple had their magical ending, and as the getaway car turned out of the driveway… yep, you guessed it.  The raindrops began again.

Candler Park Flowers, King Plow Arts Center

Jaimie Dee Photography

Miracles, friends.  That’s what a wedding day is all about.  It’s about the miracle of love, the miracle of finding your one person out of the infinite sea of souls in the world.  The miracle of family, and friends, and the miracle of two hearts that are willing to say Yes.