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Atlanta Wedding Photography

Elicia Bryan Photography
Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer

Whether you’re camera shy, or love glamming it up for the lens, finding the right person to photograph your wedding day is one of the most important planning steps you’ll take.  It’s so easy to fall in love while pouring through wedding photography on the internet, and yet…

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The Engagement Session

Ponce City Market Engagement Session, Vue Photography
Vue Photography

When talking photography with my couples, one of the questions that always comes up is about the Engagement Session.   All wedding photographers offer engagement sessions, and I often hear couples second-guessing whether they really need those pictures for that money.  I’m here to tell you, Yes.  You do.   Continue Reading…

Wedding Photography | A New Season

Gilford-Sanchez Wedding by Jonas Peterson

As the winter days go by and we all look toward the scent of Spring in the air, I think about how much I love rebirth.  Winter turns to Spring, frozen ground bears colorful blooms, gray skies invite bright, beautiful sunshine.   Life continues on its cycle and old becomes new again.  And so it is within the realm of weddings, where newness emerges and captures the attention of the world.

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