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Christ the King Wedding

Christ the King Wedding, Jaimie Dee Photography


When planning a wedding there are so very many things to consider.  Big things, like when and where your wedding will take place, who your attendants of honor will be, the vows you will speak to each other.   The less monumental things may feel almost as meaningful – your menu, the colors you choose, the songs you will dance to in each other’s arms.  The flowers are decided upon, the cake is tasted, the dress is fallen in love with.  Like a beautiful song, it all weaves together into a perfect harmony. But what I find to be the most beautiful thing of all is the ebb and flow of the day itself.

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Friday Wedding

Jack Parada Photography ~ St. Augustine, FL


Sunday Champagne Brunch.  Friday night black tie.  Wednesday afternoon at the beach.  What do all these things have in common?  Yep, you got it!  They are all weddings that didn’t take place on Saturday!   (For those of you who know me, you KNOW I’m down with a Champagne Brunch reception any day of the week!)

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Cakes on the Cutting Edge

For Goodness Cakes

Whether a bride chooses to celebrate her wedding in high tradition or as creatively as possible, most parts of a current day wedding can be traced back to a place in time when each held a very real significance.  The origin of white wedding cake occurred around 1769 in England, the importance of which was that only the wealthiest families could afford the ingredients required to create pure white icing.   Thank goodness we now live in a time of abundance, innovation and the freedom to have any cake we can conceive of! Continue Reading…

Second Wedding

Thanksgiving Wedding


If you find love once in a lifetime, you are truly blessed.  More than once?  Lightening! Many weddings today are in celebration of just that.  People finding love around the corner when they least expect it, when they thought they might never love again.  But a human heart has a special way of opening when just the right light shines on it.

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