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When people say, “It’s all about who you know”… it really is all about who you know. Especially when it comes to weddings! To pull off an amazing wedding there need to be people in place who work together toward a single vision. Who trust each other to show up on time, to pull their weight, to be professional, to be kind and compassionate, and to listen and respond with an appropriate measure of expertise. This is when the magic will happen…. the flavors, the colors, the beauty!!

Atlanta Wedding Vendors

Photography by Jaimie Dee | Lily McGregor | Tiffany Henderson | Trey Mosier

One of my favorite things is matchmaking – finding exactly the right people for exactly the right couple! The professionals on my call list are some of the top wedding vendors in Atlanta.  They are of the highest caliber, and provide a variety of style and technique to suit different tastes and budgets.



Wedding decor by Bold American Events, Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

Jade + Matthew Take Pictures

“The best wedding coordination we have ever experienced, by far!”
Lily ~ Lily McGregor Photography

“Having worked with numerous event planners through the years, I have to say Kecia Wilson and Three Little Birds Weddings has raised the bar. This team was phenomenal and I will certainly be sharing this experience with my clients.”
Cindy ~ Contagious Band

“…Kecia was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was extremely detailed throughout the planning process, ensuring that the wedding day would go off without a hitch. As an event designer, I cannot say enough about how helpful it was to have a wedding planner like Kecia involved so that we could spend our time focusing on our floral and décor elements. I would recommend Three Little Birds Weddings to anyone in need of a wedding planner!”
Andrea~ Bold American Design




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