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One of the best things about planning a wedding in Atlanta is the abundance of options!  It’s also the primary reason couples engage me; to use my expertise in pulling pearls from the great ocean to place one-by-one on the perfect string.  Some of those pearls can be elusive, and may take a bit more work.  We’re talking Rehearsal Dinner!  An important piece of the wedding weekend, this event is a completely different situation than the wedding itself, and finding exactly the right way to host it can be tricky.

Guest count, ambiance, budget ~ all of these factors come into play when selecting your Rehearsal Dinner location.  With this post being the first in a series, I hope to help by shining a light on some of my favorites!


Wahoo Grill Events | Lily McGregor Photography

Wahoo Grill | Lily McGregor Photography

Anyone who has been in Atlanta over the past several years has witnessed – and likely indulged in! – the incredible upsurge of the restaurant scene in Decatur.  Hot, hip, and happening!  That’s just one way to describe it.  One of the most treasured spots is Wahoo Grill on East College Avenue.

Wahoo Grill Events | Lily McGregor Photography

Lily McGregor Photography

When you’re engaged, and you step into the elegant interior, leading to a charming glass-walled courtyard, opening to a lush tented garden space… then you find out they host private events?  It’s not long before you’re envisioning flowers, toasts and promises right there in the warmth of this graceful establishment.

What began as a cozy and beloved neighborhood bistro in its early days has since become one of Atlanta’s favorite destination restaurants.  With its delectable European-inspired menu, the friendliest service in town, and an owner whose heart and spirit see no bounds, Wahoo Grill continues to surprise and delight.

To Note: Wahoo also hosts more intimate events such as Bridal Luncheons in their windowed private dining room.  Not to mention the gorgeous weddings that have taken place here.  Yes, I said weddings! There’s even a pretty-as-can-be bridal suite… be sure to ask owner Pam Ledbetter for the grand tour!

Wahoo! Grill
1042 West College Avenue
Decatur, Ga. 30030
Pam Ledbetter ~ 404.373.3331



Rehearsal Dinner at Urban Tree Cidery, Talk of the Town, Proof of the Pudding, Figs & Honey,

On the west side of Atlanta, a little bit of a wedding mecca has developed over the last several years.  If you’re a bride or groom, or a wedding professional, you know what I’m talking about!  You can’t throw a stone without hitting a venue like King Plow, Puritan Mill, Summerour or the new 433 Bishop.  With that many weddings going on, a solid nearby rehearsal dinner space is a welcome addition.   Urban Tree Cidery not only fits that bill, but the cool factor goes on for days and, well… there’s handcrafted, artisan cider on tap!

Rehearsal Dinner at Urban Tree Cidery, Talk of the Town, Proof of the Pudding, Figs & Honey

Urban Tree Cidery

One of my favorite things about Urban Tree (among many!) is that it’s a family-run business.  The pride and love infused into the production of its excellent ciders, and the building itself, are evident as owners Tim and Maria Resuta, along with Maria’s sister Jackie, dedicate themselves daily to providing a wonderful experience in a casual yet classy setting.

Partnering with some of the best caterers in the city allows for a variety of food options to please any palate.  Or (like one of my awesome couples is planning!) imagine a beautiful, warm evening with the back garage door open and your party flowing outdoors to the parking lot filled with café lights and the hippest food trucks around…

So many fun ways to utilize this fun and funky spot!

Urban Tree Cidery
1465 Howell Mill Rd NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
Jackie Annise ~ 404-855-5546



Lure | Fifth Group Restaurants

The patio at Lure is where my husband and I planned our own wedding.  On a Sunday afternoon over brunch we sat for hours, eating beautiful food with the sun hinting through Bermuda shutters, and kissed and laughed and got lost in the luxury of our future together.   It’s not hard to imagine why I love Lure…

Lure | Fifth Group Restaurants

Oysters at Lure

Aside from my personal feelings about this shining star, the seafood is the freshest and most expertly appointed in the city.  One can taste the Long Island Sound in a single oyster and the Northeast Coast in the swordfish… the Baked Crab Dip is nothing less than sumptuous (especially with the house hot sauce!) and Executive Chef Brent Banda spends no small amount of time on innovation.  Every dish thoughtfully prepared and elegantly presented.

Part of the Fifth Group family of restaurants, Lure stands out for its gorgeous patio, which can be had in its entirety, or in part for a smaller group.  The service is outstanding, with each staff member happy to share a world of knowledge and a true passion for both food and wine with their guests.

For those wishing to treat their family and friends to an evening of magnificence… Lure.

To Note:  Couples holding their wedding at King Plow Arts Center receive a reduction when booking their rehearsal dinner at any Fifth Group restaurant.

1106 Crescent Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
Jamie Hillyer ~ 678-302-3248