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Atlanta Wedding Accommodations

Inman Park, B&B, Atlanta Wedding Accommodations
Sugar Magnolia Bed & Breakfast

The most beautiful aspect of a wedding is the gathering of hearts and spirits in celebration of the marrying couple.  Friends, cousins, children, grandparents all come together from near and far to uplift, honor and support their loved ones as they cross this most significant threshold.  In recognition of this, brides, grooms and parents strive to provide an exquisite weekend for their guests!   Continue Reading…

Kids at the Wedding

Jaimie Dee Photography, Cathedral of Christ the King

Kids, or no kids – that is the question.  And we’re not talking after the wedding… we’re talking kids at the wedding!  Not to worry, we have lots to say that will help with that most daunting of decisions.  The important thing to remember is, you can’t please everyone, so make the choice that works for you and your fiance, and move forward with joy and confidence!

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Christ the King Wedding

Christ the King Wedding, Jaimie Dee Photography


When planning a wedding there are so very many things to consider.  Big things, like when and where your wedding will take place, who your attendants of honor will be, the vows you will speak to each other.   The less monumental things may feel almost as meaningful – your menu, the colors you choose, the songs you will dance to in each other’s arms.  The flowers are decided upon, the cake is tasted, the dress is fallen in love with.  Like a beautiful song, it all weaves together into a perfect harmony. But what I find to be the most beautiful thing of all is the ebb and flow of the day itself.

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Second Wedding

Thanksgiving Wedding


If you find love once in a lifetime, you are truly blessed.  More than once?  Lightening! Many weddings today are in celebration of just that.  People finding love around the corner when they least expect it, when they thought they might never love again.  But a human heart has a special way of opening when just the right light shines on it.

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Wedding Decor

Bold American Design
Jack Parada Photography


I was at a wedding the other day where one could literally hear people gasping as they walked into the room.  “Oh!  It’s a fairytale!!”,  said one guest.  Her friend had her hand over her mouth and didn’t utter a word.   Continue Reading…