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Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer

Whether you’re camera shy, or love glamming it up for the lens, finding the right person to photograph your wedding day is one of the most important planning steps you’ll take.  It’s so easy to fall in love while pouring through wedding photography on the internet, and yet…

Flowers fade, cake is eaten, music lasts the night… yet your wedding pictures remain forever.  This is why it’s so important to take the right steps to find the person that’s right for you.  Here are five ways in which you can feel confident moving forward with hiring a wedding photographer who will not only give you gorgeous pictures, but also create for you an experience that you’ll love indulging in!

Atlanta Wedding Photography | Elicia Bryan Photography

Logan & Madison Engagement Session | Elicia Bryan Photography


Take Your Time
Many photographers do book a year or more ahead,  but don’t let that cause you anxiety or a forced feeling of having to book someone – anyone! – NOW!   There are many excellent photographers out there, and even if it takes a bit of research and some measure of patience… the right person is waiting for you to find them.

Ask for Referrals
This may seem like common sense, but it’s easy to get ahead of the game in the excitement of being newly engaged.  Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting and working with new colleagues.  In fact, some of the photographers I now refer the most are people I met through a bride or groom.  Yet, one of the main reasons you hired a professional planner is for their experience.  We have a good sense of the people behind the camera, whereas you may see only what’s on the surface.  We can guide you in terms of personality, business practices, budget,  and most of all, who will give you a wonderful wedding day full of love and fun!

Meet in Person
To really get a good feeling of who a person is, and how you and your fiance will interact with them throughout the day during your wedding, an in-person meeting is the best way to go.  Don’t hesitate to ask for a coffee date!  If that’s not possible due to location differences, many photographers will do a skype session.  Either way, make sure you’re not just hiring someone based on what you see on their website.  As gorgeous as it may be, you want the personality fit to be just as beautiful!

Atlanta Wedding Photography | Elicia Bryan Photography

Do an Engagement Session
While you’ve likely already signed on the dotted line by the time your engagement shoot happens, it’s the best and most fun way to get to know the person you’ve chosen.  It also helps you all become comfortable with one another in a situation that can be, well, awkward!   Breaking that ice and having fun having your picture taken will allow your photographer to capture the best of you both on your wedding day!  (For more on the benefits of engagement pictures, check out this fabulous E-shoot!)

Follow Your Instincts
Wedding photography research can be overwhelming, to say the least.   Websites start to run together, confusion sets in.  If this happens, take a break!  When you’re ready to think about it again, go back to the basics and listen to your heart.  Often the first place you started is the place you’ll end up.

Atlanta Wedding Photography | Elicia Bryan Photography

My beautiful bride Logan, and her fiance Madison followed these steps and just look what happened!  Can we talk about the GORGEOUS!!   They booked the amazing Elicia Bryan, everything they were looking for and then some.  I simply cannot wait for their wedding day, and the pictures to follow!