Atlanta Wedding Photography

Elicia Bryan Photography
Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer

Whether you’re camera shy, or love glamming it up for the lens, finding the right person to photograph your wedding day is one of the most important planning steps you’ll take.  It’s so easy to fall in love while pouring through wedding photography on the internet, and yet…

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Atlanta Wedding Accommodations

Inman Park, B&B, Atlanta Wedding Accommodations
Sugar Magnolia Bed & Breakfast

The most beautiful aspect of a wedding is the gathering of hearts and spirits in celebration of the marrying couple.  Friends, cousins, children, grandparents all come together from near and far to uplift, honor and support their loved ones as they cross this most significant threshold.  In recognition of this, brides, grooms and parents strive to provide an exquisite weekend for their guests!   Continue Reading…

Kids at the Wedding

Jaimie Dee Photography, Cathedral of Christ the King

Kids, or no kids – that is the question.  And we’re not talking after the wedding… we’re talking kids at the wedding!  Not to worry, we have lots to say that will help with that most daunting of decisions.  The important thing to remember is, you can’t please everyone, so make the choice that works for you and your fiance, and move forward with joy and confidence!

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Atlanta Rehearsal Dinners

Wahoo Grill Weddings

One of the best things about planning a wedding in Atlanta is the abundance of options!  It’s also the primary reason couples engage me; to use my expertise in pulling pearls from the great ocean to place one-by-one on the perfect string.  Some of those pearls can be elusive, and may take a bit more work.  We’re talking Rehearsal Dinner!  An important piece of the wedding weekend, this event is a completely different situation than the wedding itself, and finding exactly the right way to host it can be tricky.

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